We depend on you to be a lifeline.

A child goes missing every five minutes in the UK. 

We need to do everything we can for them and their families during the most difficult time of their lives.

By supporting us, you are helping bring missing children and adults to safety. Thanks to you, families of missing children know everything possible is being done to find their missing loved one. 


Give time

Use the Search Directory to find out who is missing in your area or volunteer for Missing People.

Give socially

Join the Search by following us on Facebook or Twitter. The more people who share our missing people appeals with friends online, the more chance we have of finding them.

Give anything

Let us know how you are supporting Missing People! Call us on 0800 MISSING (647 7464) or email and tell us how you can help.

Share the joy of payday by making a gift to Missing People through payroll giving.

Payroll Giving is a fantastic way to help us be a lifeline when someone disappears.

Not only is it one of the most simple ways for you to support Missing People, but it is also the most tax effective as donations are deducted before tax is paid. For example, when you donate £10, only £8 will come out of your salary and the taxman pays the rest. If you're on a higher tax rate (40%) - it's even better! Only £6 will come out of your salary, and the taxman will pay the remainder.

When you give from your salary each payday, you will be helping us to be a lifeline when it's needed most to missing people and their families.

And the best part? Because we know how much and how often you are donating, we will be able to plan ahead and make sure that your gifts are being put to the best possible use.

Set up a donation from your salary

Here's what you could help us acheive over the course of a year through payroll giving:

For more information on Payroll Giving, please contact our Supporters Team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phoning 020 8392 4520.

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