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The charity Missing People has 20 years’ frontline experience


The charity Missing People has 20 years’ frontline experience and provides a range of services for police handling missing person investigations and local authorities, including taking referrals for family support, making Publicity Appeals and sending supportive text messages to missing children and adults (TextSafe®).

Family Guidance

If you feel it is appropriate, please direct families of missing people to our family guidance sheets which offer advice and information about what to do when a family member goes missing.

The Missing People charity does fantastic work to support the families and friends of those who go missing and I fully endorse the level of service and care they provide.
This is a hugely important subject which needs to be moved up the agenda of all the relevant authorities, and there is always a need for greater partnership working, including with charities, to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep people safe.
Any support to help reunite missing people with their loved ones has to be a good thing, and I would always encourage Forces to liaise with Missing People to make sure they are making the most of the services on offer.

Chief Constable Mike Veale, national policing lead for missing people


116 000 Rescources

The 116 000 posters below are available to download and display. 

The 116 000 posters are in A3 format and so are quite large files: 8 MB each.

30126 missing 420x297 2.pdf

30126 missing 420x297 3.pdf



We can raise publicity to help find a missing person.  Publicity about a missing person should reach two key ‘audiences’: the public, who may know something about the missing person or their whereabouts; and the missing person, who may see it and get in touch with someone as a resul
Our publicity has a very wide reach. We have 1000s of poster partners all across the UK, we have slots in weekly and monthly publications, including the Metro and we have a partnership with the Outdoor Media Centre who provide the large digital billboards. We can also put appeals on our website, Facebook and Twitter. 
To request publicity please click on the big button below and complete our referral form.  You can also request family support and a textsafe message though this form.

Request a Publicity Appeal

There are times when police tell us that they feel publicity isn’t appropriate for a missing person investigation, in these cases you could consider the use of the Support Partner Network.
The Support Partner Network is made up of projects that work with adults or children and perform a safeguarding role or aim to increase their wellbeing. These projects have signed a briefing agreement to say that they will only share the briefings they receive around their staff and volunteers and that briefings will not be displayed in public places.
If you would like to use the Support Partner Network, please click the link above and complete the referral form and reference the Support Partner Network in the comments box at the end of the form.
To find out more or to speak to our helpline:
Tel: 116 000
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To recieve a more detailed police guide to publicity:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As  busy Police Officers it's great to have the charity "Missing People" on our side helping us, particularly with publicity and the publication /distribution of posters.They are able to "reach out" very quickly both locally and nationally and this has allowed us to focus on our core role of investigation. Actively referring families to them for support has also greatly helped in reducing pressure for us as they invest heavily in taking time to answer the many questions that they rightly have.I can't speak highly enough about the support that we have had over many years from "Missing People" and I would recommend all forces to make full use of their free services.

Police Chief Constable

Detective Inspector Phil Shakesheff, West Mercia Police



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