Imagine your loved one going missing. Then imagine battling to save the home you share and watching the life you hope they will return to fall apart.

As part of Missing Rights, we are campaigning for a system of guardianship to be introduced so that families can apply for the legal right to manage a missing loved one's affairs whilst they are away.

Without the legal authority to act on a missing relative's behalf, families can struggle to engage institutions and keep their relative's affairs in order. From banking, mortgages and insurance, to benefits and dealing with utilities, families report various problems and, in the worst cases, the missing person's finances may be damaged beyond repair and homes may be lost.

Details of the campaign can be found in this section, and our policy briefing on guardianship can be found on our policy page. If you are a family looking to deal with a missing loved one's affairs, please see our guidance for families of missing people.

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