• How We Can Help You

    Whether you are missing yourself, or have been affected by the disappearance of a loved one, you can contact us whenever and however you want on our helpline 116 000.

    • I am a young person...

      If you've run away, been forced to leave home, are thinking about it or are worried about someone, Runaway Helpline is here for you. We'll listen and offer support. Not judge or tell you what to do. It's your call. 

    • I am an adult...

      You might be reading this because you are missing – or have lost touch with someone who is missing you. We won't judge you or tell you what to do. We will listen to, understand and help you.

      • Are you missing right now?

        We are here to explore your options and get you the support you need to stay safe.

      • Are you thinking about going missing?

        What is important to us, is that you know we're here for you, whatever you decide to do.

      • What happens when you call us?

        It might take just one call or you may need to call us many times. However long it takes, we are there for you every step of the way.

      • What we can do to help you?

        We are here so you have someone to turn to, whenever you need. It might take just one call or you may need to call us many times. However long it takes, we are there for you every step of the way.


    • Someone I know is missing

      Our helpline is free, confidential and available 24/7. If a friend or relative has gone missing and you would like support and advice, please contact us.

      Our caring and highly trained team will discuss your options and try to help you to get you the support that you need. 

      If you’re worried about the safety of a missing person, we would encourage you to contact the police as a first point of call.

      • How Missing People can help

        We know that it can be difficult for families with missing loved ones to find someone to talk to who understands their unique experience. Sometimes it can feel like other people seem to stop caring or don't know what to say. We will never stop caring.

        Our caring and highly trained team can offer you and your family a range of free, confidential and non-judgemental support.

      • Reporting someone missing

        If you think that someone you know is missing, the police should be your first point of contact. You can contact them on 101 or visit your local police station. 

        If the missing person is a child, or you think that they are at serious risk of harm, call 999. 

        If speaking to the police might be difficult for you, or if you're not sure whether someone is missing or at risk, we can help.

        You can call us for free, 24/7 and in confidence on 116 000.

    • I've lost touch with someone

      There are lots of reasons why you might no longer be in contact like family issues, an argument, or someone simply moved away and you’ve lost track of where they are.

      We've compiled information which might be useful to you if you're trying to find someone you've lost touch with.

      If you need to talk anything through, you can call or text our free helpline 116 000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We're here 24 hours a day. 

      Please note: A disappearance should be reported to the police immediately if the person’s safety is believed to be compromised. Call 999 if you believe someone is at risk or in danger or harm.

    • Partner organisations & professionals

      If your job involves working with people who may go missing or who are missing, or the families they leave behind, you will find out more about our services that are available to you in this section, along with other relevant information.

      Family Guidance

      If you feel it’s appropriate, please direct families of missing people to our How We Can Help You page, where there is information about our support services and practical advice about what to do when a loved one goes missing.

      • Police Services and Local Authorities

        The charity Missing People has 25 years’ frontline experience and provides a range of services for police handling missing person investigations and local authorities, including taking referrals for family support, making Publicity Appeals and sending supportive text messages to missing children and adults (TextSafe®).

      • Training & Consultancy

        We are specialists in supporting missing people and their families while someone is missing and on the management of the return, including return home interviews, prevention work and advocacy.

        We are able to provide a national perspective on our experience of working with professionals across the UK to draw upon recognised good practice and deliver up-to-date awareness training.

        For information on prices for training days and/ or consultancy, please contact our Partnerships and Development Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • Return Home Interviews

      Missing People is currently commissioned to conduct return home interviews with children and young people across Hertfordshire.

      A return home interview provides a child or young person with a confidential space to talk about their missing episode. The space allows them to talk about anything which may be worrying them or anything they feel they cannot tell anyone else. A child or young person may feel as though they need support but  are not sure where to go to get help , Missing People is there to listen, to be a helping hand and provide a voice for children and young people to help get them the support they need.

      The Department for Education defines return interviews as ‘in-depth discussions’ and their purpose is to ‘identify and deal with any harm the child has suffered… understand and try to address the reasons why the child or young person ran away, help the child feel safe and understand that they have options to prevent repeat instances of them running away [and] provide them with information on how to stay safe if they run away again, including helpline numbers’ (DfE, 2014:15).

    • SafeCall

      SafeCall is a scheduled telephone call to children who are referred to us by professionals working with them. They will be offered a non-judgemental, safe space to talk about their experiences in confidence. We will reassure them that there is a way out, support them to explore their choices, and help them formulate a safety plan.

      The SafeCall service will also reach out to the child’s parent or carer, offering them a chance to debrief, access emotional support and be guided on how to keep their family safe in the future. 

      If you would like to refer someone into SafeCall please use the forms shown. If you require further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      Please click here to down load more information. 

  • Get Involved

    From making a donation online to taking part in a fundraising event – there are lots of ways that you can get involved and help us:

    • Search for vulnerable missing people
    • Support families waiting for news
    • Reconnect missing people with their families.

    • Fundraise and Events

      Looking to take on a challenge or organise an event for Missing People? We'll support you every step of the way. 


      • Take on a Challenge
        Do something amazing for missing people and their families. Your challenge awaits!
        Whether you enjoy running, cycling or pushing yourself through a mud-covered obstacle course, we have the challenge for you. Feel fantastic as you cross the finish line, and raise vital funds to support a great cause. 
        There are loads of ways to get involved, so sign up today.
        • Walk For

          If you have a missing loved one and wish to organise a walk, you can find out all the relevant information here. 

    • Donate

      Someone goes missing every two minutes in the UK. 

      By supporting us, you are helping us to bring missing children and adults to safety and to support their families desperately waiting for news. 

      Useful donation information: Read our Fundraising Promise and our donation terms and conditions.

    • Other ways to help us

      Find out about how you can make a big difference with the smaller things.

      • Join the Child Rescue Alert Team

        When a missing child’s life is in danger, every second counts. But you don’t need to be a superhero to save the day.

        Child Rescue Alert is the potentially life-saving system that alerts people to high risk child disappearances.

        The initial hours after a child goes missing are crucial. A sighting by a member of the public can lead to the safe recovery of the missing child.

        When a Child Rescue Alert is issued, it is sent directly to thousands of people though text, email, app notifications, social media, digital billboards and national media. This means that many more eyes and ears are on the ground, on the lookout for the missing child. 

    • Get Work Involved

      Charitable support for Missing People is a great way to engage staff, customers, and key stakeholders whilst meeting your corporate social responsibilities. Missing People works locally and nationally, meaning that your company can make a social impact in communities up, down, and across, the UK. There are so many ways your company can partner with Missing People. We have the expertise and passion to develop creative and impactful partnerships.

      If any of the corporate partnership opportunities here appeal to you or your business please get in contact with us by emailing the team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • Volunteer with Missing People


      “I would tell anyone thinking about volunteering for Missing People that it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. You really feel like you are making a difference. The training, support and  encouragement the charity offers all their volunteers is brilliant. I cannot speak highly enough about this amazing charity!”

      Current Opportunities

      Contact us

      Telephone: 020 8392 4590
      Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      Post: Missing People Volunteering, Roebuck House, 284 Upper Richmond Road West, London SW14 7JE

    • Useful fundraising information

      We are here to answer your questions about the level of care you might expect to receive when fundraising for, or making a donation to, Missing People. 

    • Home for Christmas

      Support our Home for Christmas Appeal.


  • About Us

    We search for missing people on behalf of the friends and family left behind and provide specialised support to ease their heartache and confusion. Our free, confidential helpline is available 24 hours a day by phone, text and email to support missing children and adults, and their loved ones.

    On these pages you can find out where it all began, who is involved and where the charity Missing People is going in the future.

    • Who we are

      Find out about the people who lead and support Missing People.

      Diversity and Inclusion 

      Missing People is committed to diversity and to equal opportunity.  See our Diversity and Inclusion policy for more.

    • What we do

      We listen in confidence, and support missing people and their families to explore their options and, where possible, to reconnect. For those left behind we provide specialised support to ease the heartache and confusion, and help search for their missing loved ones.


    • About the issue

      The Policy and Research team at Missing People is responsible for improving the support and services available to missing children, adults and their families in three ways. 

      Firstly, we undertake and support research to understand the experiences of missing people and their families, and to understand what help they need.

      Secondly, using the findings of this research, we advocate for change through campaigns and policy work on issues affecting missing people and their loved ones.

      Thirdly, we monitor and evaluate Missing People’s projects and services to assess the charity’s impact and how we should develop our services in the future.

      • Research and information

        A collection of current knowledge about the issue of missing as well as our research reports, projects, collaborations and events.  

        Understanding the reasons why people go missing and the impact on families left behind enables Missing People and our partners to provide better services.

        Missing People’s research team conducts research and evaluation projects on a range of topics, and seeks to share the findings through these web pages. 

        The Policy and Research team also provides a hub of information about missing, advocates for change through campaigns and policy work, and monitors and evaluates the charity's impact.

      • Campaigns

        Our campaigns to improve support for missing people and their families

        Missing people and their families should be able to find the emotional, practical and legal support they need. We campaign to ensure that politicians and other decision-makers are aware of any gaps in this support, using knowledge gained from our experience of working with runaway children, missing adults, and the families they leave behind, and from our policy and research work.

        We strive to include people affected by the missing issue in our campaigning wherever possible. If you would like to support our campaigning, email the Policy and Research Team by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

        • Missing Rights

          Missing Rights is our campaign for better support for families of missing people.                 

          Behind disappearances are families waiting for news of their loved one, and the impact of having a missing relative can be devastating. Emotional, legal and financial burdens can be experienced by those closest to the missing person, with some facing their homes being seized, jobs being lost, divorce, social stigma and suicidal thoughts.

          Click on the links to find out more about the campaign, and how you can get involved.

        • Guardianship

          Imagine your loved one going missing. Then imagine battling to save the home you share and watching the life you hope they will return to fall apart.

          As part of Missing Rights, we are campaigning for a system of guardianship to be introduced so that families can apply for the legal right to manage a missing loved one's affairs whilst they are away.

          Without the legal authority to act on a missing relative's behalf, families can struggle to engage institutions and keep their relative's affairs in order. From banking, mortgages and insurance, to benefits and dealing with utilities, families report various problems and, in the worst cases, the missing person's finances may be damaged beyond repair and homes may be lost.

          Details of the campaign can be found in this section, and our policy briefing on guardianship can be found on our policy page. If you are a family looking to deal with a missing loved one's affairs, please see our guidance for families of missing people.

        • Presumption of Death

          As part of the Missing Rights campaign, Missing People successfully campaigned for an improved presumption of death system to be introduced in England and Wales.

          We called for new provisions modelled on those already in place in Scotland and Northern Ireland, so that that all UK families have access to a clear and useable system. The Presumption of Death Act 2013 was passed in March 2013 and came fully into force on 1 October 2014, and addressed flaws in the former system by creating a new court procedure which can lead to the issue of a Certificate of Presumed Death.

          Details of the campaign can be found in this section, and our policy briefing on the new Act can be found on our policy page. If you are a family looking for information on presumption of death, please see our guidance for families of missing people.

        • Manifesto for Missing People

          Police respond to more than 300,000 missing person reports a year in the UK – one report every two minutes. Whilst most people who go missing are found quickly, several thousand each year are not.

          Missing People has produced this Manifesto to highlight priorities for the next government to safeguard vulnerable missing adults and children, and to improve support for those left behind. We hope it will influence policy and provision for these people, and will be promoting it to politicians, the government, and other decisions. You can read a copy of the Manifesto for Missing People here

          In this section, you can find out about the Manifesto for Missing People's calls, and how you can support it to help improve the lives of runaway children, vulnerable adults and their families.

      • Policy and Parliament

        Our work to improve national provisions for missing people and families

        We believe that missing people and their families should be able to find the emotional, practical and legal support they need, and we work to encourage this through improvements in law, policy and practice. We use our policy and Parliamentary work to ensure that politicians and other decision-makers are aware of these support needs, and involve people affected by the missing issue wherever possible.

        The Policy and Research team also provides a hub of information about missing, conducts and supports research, advocates for change through campaigns, and monitors and evaluates the charity's impact.

        • APPG for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults

          The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults seeks to raise awareness of children and adults who run away or go missing, and the impacts on the families they leave behind.

          Missing People provides secretariat to the APPG in collaboration with The Children’s Society, and leads its work in connection to missing adults and families of missing people. This section outlines the work of the group, and how you can support it.

        • English Coalition for Runaway Children

          The English Coalition for Runaway Children is a coalition of England-based organisations that work with children and young people who run away or go missing from home or care. It exists to ensure that these vulnerable members of our society are safeguarded from harm through effective policy and appropriate services at both national and local level.

    • Work for us

      Would you like to work for a dynamic, caring organisation which really makes a difference to vulnerable people throughout the UK and has been placed number 18 in the Best Not-For-Profit Organisations To Work for 2016? 

      If you're looking for exciting employment opportunities in the charity sector then look no further.

      Why not check out our current job vacancies and apply today?

      Our Vision

      All missing children, adults and their loved ones find help, hope and a safe way to reconnect.

      Our Mission

      To be a lifeline when someone disappears.

      Our Values

      • Be human
      • Be grounded
      • Make things happen
      • Be future-minded
      • Let fly!

      Diversity and Inclusion 

      Missing People is committed to diversity and to equal opportunity.  See our Diversity and Inclusion policy for more.

  • Latest News

    Keep in touch...

    Find out the latest news about how we are helping missing people and those left behind.

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  • Sightings
  • Help Us Find
    • Join the Search

      Thousands of people in the UK are searching for a missing loved one.

      You can help us to be a lifeline when someone disappears by becoming a poster partner or a support partner.

      These special partners are automatically sent posters appealing for missing people when a vulnerable missing person is thought to be in their area.

      • Become a Support Partner

        Examples of Support Partners include; hostels, soup kitchens, mental health support services or any agency helping children or adults through a difficult time, including voluntary and statutory organisations. 

        We send briefings to Support Partners informing them of a person missing in their area, offering advice and support to both the Support Partner and the missing person.

        All Support Partners have agreed that they will only share briefings about a missing person that they receive around their staff and volunteers and that briefings will only be displayed in non-public areas.

        Sign up online today or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      • Become a Poster Partner

        When someone is missing and considered vulnerable, our publicity appeals can help to gather vital information from the public. These appeals can also reach the missing person and encourage them to make contact. Become a poster partner and help us find and support missing people.

  • General info and tools

    Please see the articles in this section, assisting with general questions and navigation

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