Family Day (Online)

Family Day

Join us for our annual event – online this year – for family and friends affected by missing, where we come together and enjoy activities whilst getting vital support.

If you have never attended before, watch the video below to get a sense of what the day is about.

We hope it is a chance for the people that we support to come together, make connections, and be supported by their peers.

Date and time

Saturday 10 July

10am – 5pm (TBC)

Who’s invited?

‘Families’ – we use the term ‘family’ to capture all of those affected by a missing incident(s), so this could also be a close friend, colleague or a family member.

We also want to invite people from across our different support services. This could mean:

  • Your loved one is still missing
  • Your loved one has been missing in the past, and may have been found alive or deceased
  • The missing trauma is still ongoing, and there are repeat incidences
  • Your missing loved one has been found by the police but remains missing from your life
  • A young person in your life has found themselves caught up in a form of exploitation, and missing and being away is a sign of this

What’s on?

We always have a program of activities throughout the day, that has been created by families for families.  We are still putting this together, but to give you an idea, here is what’s been on the program in the past:

  • Conversations with the police to discus your case
  • Yoga/ wellbeing session
  • Creative writing sessions
  • A session where you can talk about your experience
  • A session lead by siblings to talk about the sibling experience

There is also space to have a chat with the use of technology and break out rooms.

Join us

Please complete the form to register your interests. More details will be coming your way as we confirm the program for the day.

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