Safe and Social Space

Support group for families and carers of exploited children


A monthly support group for people who know how it feels to be worried about a child, who is being exploited.

“A safe space to share and connect with others about similar feelings and experiences”


These group meetings are held every second Tuesday of the  month (with the exception of school holidays), from 8pm – 9pm.

“I really need[ed] to speak directly to other [parents] in a similar position as me to check I’m not going mad!”

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The group is run by Missing People staff in partnership with a family member who has lived experience of the issue. With this blend of facilitators, we hope to bring a mix of experience and expertise to the group, and to create a safe space, which you feel able to share your experiences in. It is a chance to speak to others who understand how it feels to worry about a child not coming home, to worry that they are being exploited and are unsafe.

Everyone’s experience will differ; for some there may be gang influence and threat, and for others they may not know what is happening to their child. We work with lots of people who say that they want ‘guidance and comfort’ from others. They describe the experience of having an exploited child as ‘ frightening and worrying’ and that they feel ‘helpless’. We started this social group for people to come together, share their experience, seek guidance and advice, and know that they are not alone.

The meetings are held on Zoom, and you can choose to speak, to listen, to be on screen, to be anonymous. There is no pressure. Sign up to come and try a session.

“The open and honesty of everyone’s stories and knowing others have been in the same boat, experienced or experiencing the same heart ache that I have been through and I’m still going through at times.”

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