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Use the Search Directory to find out who is missing in your area or volunteer for Missing People.

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Let us know how you are supporting Missing People! Call us on 0800 MISSING (647 7464) or email and tell us how you can help.

A child goes missing every 2 minutes in the UK. In a year, that's enough to fill Wembley stadium, twice.

Right now, there are still children going missing. Running away from unhappy care homes, or escaping dangerous lockdown situations. Experiencing sexual exploitation by adults, or beng sent across county lines by gangs.

Missing People is here day and night. A team of kind and experienced helpline advisors are communicating 24 hours a day with children in crisis, who are away from home or thinking of leaving.

Recently, the team were asked to send a TextSafe to a Alex, young boy who had run away from home. This lifeline message is sent directly to a missing child's mobile phone, letting them know that they have been reported missing and offering the space to talk for free and in confidence.

Alex responded to the text. He explained that he had run away on a number of occasions, more recently with his girlfriend. As a result, Alex had been prevented from seeing his girlfriend again, and was feeling even more hopeless and desperate. This time, they'd run away again with the intention of taking their own lives.

The helpline advisor continued the conversation, giving him the safety to speak openly about how he was feeling. They talked about available support networks, and discovered that a course of therapy Alex was due to begin was postponed due to Covid-19. The advisor was able to talk Alex through his options, and then connect him to an organisation for young people who are feeling suicidal, so that specialist support could continue.

Luckily we were here for Alex, but we need to be there for the thousands of children that are reported missing, and to those at the brink of running away.

Help us place a safe message directly into the hands of a vulnerable child.

Donate £10 to help us deliver a TextSafe message to 28 missing children who could be facing serious danger.

You will give them the option to speak to someone they can trust, in confidence, when it’s safe for them to do so.

Visit our Appeals Gallery to view and share appeals of currently missing people.

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