Home for Christmas 2017

Support Missing People this Christmas

Every 2 minutes someone goes missing in the UK. For their families, the thought of an empty chair at the Christmas dinner table is just heart-breaking.

Your gift of £15 can reunite families Our appeals for missing people really do make a difference 

Your gift of £30 can bring hope Every day we work to support families find ways to cope with their distress when a loved one goes missing 

Your gift of £50 can have a wide-reaching impact Our return home support can put the right steps in place to ensure that a vulnerable person can find a place of safety 

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“Every morning I wake up and I think of him. I have not lost hope, but at times I fear I will never see his face again, never give him a hug or tell him to tidy his room.”

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Sadly, at Missing People, it’s not unusual to hear this. Families like Jane's only want one thing this Christmas. Their missing loved one home safe. 

The evening Simon failed to arrive back from school is the evening Jane will never forget. At 9pm she called the police. When their enquiries and patrol cars failed to find him that night, the situation went from serious to desperate. Jane became uncontrollably hysterical with the growing realisation that her son had gone missing.

Can you give £25 today to help keep our support lines open over Christmas when families and runaways need our support the most? 

You may find it shocking to know that Simon is one of 140,000 children and teenagers who go missing every year.

Every story is unique, each missing child equally important. 

“I would have given up all hope without Missing People. I cannot thank you enough. Their kindness and practical support has kept me going. Still, at times, I don’t know how I can go on without him.”

Every year, thousands of people across the country ask us to help find their loved one.

Please give whatever you can afford to our Home for Christmas Appeal. No matter what size, we promise your gift will go where the need is greatest.

*Jane and Simon’s story is based on those of parents we have supported in the search for their missing children. Our thanks go to these families whose words and experiences have helped us develop this appeal.