Organise an event

And be a lifeline.

Get friends, family and colleagues together to raise funds and awareness.

With our new event 'Everything Stops for Tea' you can host a tea party and fundraise for Missing People. You could ask your guests to donate an ‘entrance fee’, charge for teas, coffees and cakes or arrange a collection on the day. Raffles, tombolas and sponsored activities are also great fun, and can help raise a little extra money too. Check out the pack for more ideas and tips to create a fantastic event!

Feeling sporty? Why not run a mile for Missing People?  You can make it as fun or as wacky as you like, by running in fancy dress or dancing a mile. You could even get a group of friends and colleagues together to run as a team.

There any many activities you can organize in your community, workplace or amongst friends and family. Get in touch with Daniel on 020 8392 4517 to discuss your idea today.

Ever fancied wearing your 'wonzy' (or onesie) to work? On a night out? To lectures? Well this is your chance. Missing People is calling on our supporters to help banish their midweek blues whilst supporting our vital work by holding a 'Wonzy Wednesday'.

It's so easy to arrange a 'Wonzy Wednesday'...

  •  Pick a Wednesday that suits you and your friends. If you work in an office always check with your managers first (they might even take part!)
  •  Make sure you all have onesies at the ready (if you don't want to buy one you can always improvise by wearing all one colour).
  •  Get everyone who’s taking part to pay a couple of pounds to support Missing People, or ask the office to sponsor those donning funny onesies. You could even have a 'worst onesie worn' competition with prizes. 
  •  Get everyone who’s not taking part to pay more!
  •  Put on your onesie and enjoy the comfiest Wednesday you’ve ever had!
  •  Send us photos of what you got up to in your onesie. 

What's a 'Wonzy'?

A 'wonzy' or 'onesie' is a comfortable all-in-one outfit (like a baby grow) which either buttons or zips up and can be worn as pyjamas or as fancy dress (some people even wear them as normal dress!). You can buy a range of funny 'wonzys' on-line or from high street retailers. Henry even managed to find a crocodile wonzy!


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