The Missing People Aftercare service is coming to Wales in September 2015

Supporting missing people and their families after they come home

We will be launching our brand new Aftercare Service for formerly missing people and their families in Wales in September 2015.

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After Missing - Our Aftercare Service

When someone goes missing you want the world to stop and help look for them, but it should also be remembered that sometimes the missing person needs time and space. 

When the person who has been missing returns, as wonderful as it may be to have them back, a whole new set of challenges can arise. Sometimes things are just not right, there is the constant worry that if the wrong thing is said they may go again. On the other hand, if nothing is talked about, the silence can be deafening. There may be concerns about getting the correct support and worries that the reasons for leaving are not being addressed. You might find yourself wondering who you can speak to about your concerns when it doesn’t feel right contacting the Police or Social Services.

That's where we come in. Missing People has been supporting families and their loved ones for over twenty years. We are now addressing the need for support for a missing person and their family when they come home. In 2015, funded by Big Lottery Wales, we launched our Aftercare Service. The Aftercare Service offers support and advice, and looks to put the returning person and any family members who need it in contact with the correct help.

  • To a young person who has been pushed one way and pulled the other we will give you the middle ground, a safe confidential space where you will be listened to.
  • To the family we offer time to discuss the impact that a loved one going missing has had and the new issues that can arise when they come back into the home.
  • To the adult who may well have had no support on return we offer a place to talk about their time missing and their needs now, to give them a gateway to help that is tailored made for them.

We understand that it can be a lot easier walking out of the door than it can be stepping back through it.

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