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Confidentiality policy

Missing People is a confidential service and we cannot trace your calls. Please see our Confidentiality Policy.

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Getting a message home...

Perhaps you’re away from home and you know someone there is worrying about you. Things might have happened at home that are still unresolved or you’re worried about how your relationship might have been affected by your going away. We understand you may not be ready to go home or contact your family yourself, but still want your loved ones to know you’re okay. Or maybe you’re ready to start a dialogue with your family, beginning the process of reconnecting with them or returning home. Our confidential and secure Message Home service can help you make that contact and our team will support you every step of the way.

Three-way calls

Talking to a loved one for the first time after going missing, or being away from home, can be daunting, as can speaking to the police, social services or other agencies and people you don’t know personally. We understand that this can sometimes prevent people from making contact with family or someone who can help them. That is why three way calls can sometimes really help people in your situation. One of our specially trained helpline advisors will connect you to the person you want or need to speak to, but will also stay on the phone to help you through what could be difficult, complicated or emotional conversations. Find out more about three way calls with Missing People.

Finding out your missing, and resolving it

You might be away from home and unsure whether or not your friends, family or colleagues have reported you missing. Perhaps you’re uncertain about who to turn to for advice, information and support. Our team have been supporting and reconnecting missing adults and children with home, or a safe place, for more than twenty years and have built strong links with agencies and organisations who can help you resolve this. Talk to us and we can help you or click here to find out what might happen if you have been reported missing.

Finding the right support for you

We specialise in supporting missing people and their families left behind and part of this support is knowing when another agency or organisation is better placed to help you with issues or problems you might be facing. Talk to us and we’ll work together to find the help you need or visit our directory of third party organisations who specialise in a range of issues which could be affecting you or your loved ones.

You can also download our guidance sheets...