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Missing People is a confidential service and we cannot trace your calls. Please see our Confidentiality Policy.

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We speak to adults and children every day who are either away from home, or are thinking about leaving. Although many people feel this way, every person’s situation is different as are their reasons for wanting to go missing.

We understand that it can be very complicated and there might not always be an easy solution. You may have relationship problems, financial worries, be suffering from domestic abuse or have mental health issues or drug or alcohol dependency which you’re struggling to cope with and want to chat through.

There could be one major issue that is making you want to leave home, or a series of problems which have mounted and left you feeling this way. We can stay on the phone as long as it takes to work through what's troubling you.

There could also be help available for you and we can put you in touch with organisations that can support you. And if you do feel you need to leave home, we can discuss your options and help you stay safe.

Talk to us. You can tell us as much, or as little, as you need to. We will listen, understand and support you in your search for a solution, making sure you know and understand your options and finding the right sort of support for you.

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