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We are here so you have someone to turn to, whenever you need. It might take just one call or you may need to call us many times. However long it takes, we are there for you every step of the way.


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You can text us even if you have no credit left on your mobile phone.

Confidentiality policy

Missing People is a confidential service and we cannot trace your calls. Please see our Confidentiality Policy.

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We know it isn’t always easy to get back in touch, and it isn’t always an option for everybody. We won’t force you to return home or reconnect with your family. But if you feel you’re ready to do this Missing People will support you though the processes and do everything they can to help you.

The first step is to talk to us about your situation and we can work out together what your options are. We can then pass a message home or set up a three-way call with family, carers, the police or other agencies who can help you.

You may have been away for a long time, and not know where your family is now. There are ways Missing People can help find them and support you in getting in touch for the first time through our Lost Contact Tracing Service.

Returning home, or making contact for the first time, can come with practical problems you may need to deal with. Missing People, and other organisations we can put you in touch with, can support you through any financial, housing or relationship issues you might face.

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