I feel really scared and confused, is that normal?

We know from speaking with people that when someone you love or care about goes missing, you can be left feeling a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes you might be sad and tearful, other times you might feel angry at the person for not being there anymore.

Whatever you feel is ok, no one person reacts in the same way and it is ok to be angry, sad, scared, confused, these are all normal reactions to the shock of someone not being here.

You might feel that you don’t want to talk to anyone about how you are feeling, that’s ok, but sometimes letting others know that you are having a hard time can help you to not feel as alone. You might find that other people in your family or your friends are also feeling similar to you.

If you do feel like you want to talk to someone about how you are feeling, you could try a friend or a teacher at school or college or you can contact us by text, email or phone and we will listen and be there for you.

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