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The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art has announced that it will host a unique exhibition titled Unmissable at the London edition of its fair in March. A series of poignant new portraits by emerging and established artists that depict the faces of missing persons will be unveiled at the fair this March to mark the 25th anniversary of the Missing People charity.

The exhibition is curated by Ben Moore, whose brother Tom has been missing since 2003. Participating artists include Charming Baker, Charlotte Colbert, Keith Coventry, Samira Addo, Ian Bruce, Nina Mae Fowler, Will Teather, Chris Moon, Carne Griffiths, Mark Metcalfe, Rebecca Fontaine Wolf and Paul Benney.

The exhibition will include a new portrait of Richard Edwards, former guitarist and lyricist of the Manic Street Preachers, portrayed by British artist Will Teather.  Edwards was last seen on the 31st January 1995, when he checked out of the Embassy Hotel, Bayswater, London. On the 17th February his car was discovered in the car park of the Old Severn Bridge. These are the last known facts surrounding his disappearance.  

Rachel Edwards, sister of Richard, comments, “For the last 24 years I have lived in hope of solving the mystery of what happened to Richard. I am desperate for news as to his fate and am appealing to the public to help me. I hope the exhibition will be a poignant and effective way of raising awareness for Missing People, a charity that has and continues to support my family and I for almost 25 years. I’m so pleased that the money raised will go towards helping them to continue to be there for others like me and will shine a light on all missing people, and their families, and hopefully bring us some answers. This portrait is Richard posing as the bold and vivid performer, yet at the same time the artist captures a sense of his vulnerability."

Artist Will Teather adds, “Edwards is still missing of course and creating this artwork has caused me to reflect yet again on the loss of his talent, but also how hard it must be for any family to never know the fate of their siblings.  I’ve known and liked Ben Moore, the curator of this exhibition, for several years and agreed to be part of this show, knowing how hard it must have been for him to lose his brother. Now, I hope that I have paid a fitting  tribute to one of the missing idols of my youth.

Often cited as a leading lyricist of his generation, Richard Edwards’ disappearance attracted mass media attention but to no avail.  As of 2019, he has been missing for 24 years. 

The portrait of Edwards and the other Unmissable works will be exhibited for the first time at The Other Art Fair, 14-17 March 2019 at The Truman Brewery. They will also be available to bid on via the Paddle8 auction site, with all proceeds going to the Missing People charity.  Prices for the original works start at £4000 with limited edition prints available at £250. Posters of the works will also be displayed across London Underground stations in collaboration with Art Below.

Ben Moore, curator of Unmissable comments, “Will Teather's portrait of Richard Edwards reminds me of the DM boot wearing, gothic culture back then in the mid-nineties that I myself subscribed to as a teenager growing up in London.  I think it’s really poignant that the artist was such a fan of the Manics. Also important to note that Richard Edwards has been missing nearly as long as the charity has existed. (24 years). Since my brother went missing, I have developed a strong connection with Rachel Edwards as we both share the same belief that our brothers are still with us living and breathing on the planet and the hope that we will one day see them again.” 

The Other Art Fair takes place at Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London E1 6QR between 14 and 17 March.

For more information visit the Unmissable website.  Unmissable is generously supported by Art Below, The Other Art Fair, JBi Digital and Jealous Printing.

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