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People's Postcode Lottery manages lotteries promoted by different charities and good causes. Since 2005, players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised over £416 million for thousands of charities and good causes, and over £6 million for Missing People. This funding is making a difference. It's transforming lives and communities in Britain and beyond.

Together, charity lotteries represent an important contributor within the funding landscape, raising hundreds of millions of pounds for charity each year. Yet it is the only type of charity fundraising which has limits placed on it by law. These outdated limits restrict the amount of money charity lotteries can raise, meaning local and national charities are losing out on funding.

People's Postcode Lottery wants that to change, to ensure that charities can get the maximum amount of funding possible.

That is why Missing People is supporting People's Postcode Lottery's call to the UK Government to update the law and let us do more by raising the annual sales limit for a charity lottery to £100 million.

This new limit will futureproof the sector and allow charity lotteries the room to grow without having to wait on Parliament raising the limits. The current annual sales limit has been in place since 2005, so it's reasonable to expect any new limit will be in place for the next 10 to 15 years. It is thus vital we have a new limit which works not just for 2019, but for the decade ahead.

A new £100 million limit has twice been recommended by official regulator, the Gambling Commission, and it was set out as the Government's "preferred option" in their public consultation last year. It also has the support of over 70 major charities, the Institute of Fundraising, NCVO and SCVO, The Lotteries Council and the Hospice Lotteries Association.

In a parliamentary answer on 4th December 2018, Mims Davies MP, Minister for Sport and Civil Society said, "Society lotteries are an important fundraising tool, raising hundreds of millions of pounds every year for many good causes. We are committed to ensuring both society lotteries and the national lottery are able to thrive".

A boost to local charity funding

  • Change would mean more of the funds raised by our players can go to benefit local charities. Current regulations mean that increasingly local projects are getting their funding applications rejected. This is because each individual charity lottery has a cap on its fundraising, but charity applications for funds continue to increase.

More support for national charities - at no cost to the taxpayer

  • The way the current law interacts with our growing player base means many of the larger charities that players support face significant funding cuts.

More funds for charity thanks to less administrative costs

  • 32% from each subscription goes to good causes, 40% on prizes and 28% on operating costs, such as marketing. The current outdated law has resulted in a complicated fundraising model which leads to excess administration costs. Updating the law would allow us to simplify the model, cut costs and redirect these savings to charity.

A thriving charity lottery sector that complements the fundraising of the National Lottery

  • Modelling by the Gambling Commission shows that charity lotteries do not impact on fundraising by the National Lottery. Many of the charities supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery also receive funds from the National Lottery. Allowing them to grow together can only benefit good causes.

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