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Missing People will host a seminar for professionals around Returned Missing Adults on August 18 at the Cardiff and Vale City Centre Campus. 

Eventbrite - Returning Missing Adults seminar - learning, intervention and prevention

That’s the hardest thing, coming home again. Going away is easy" 

Jackie*, returned missing person

This event will explore the experience of ‘return’ in relation to missing adults and ask participants to strategise how multi-agency services have a role to play in supporting adults who have been missing.

In light of the findings of the ground-breaking ESRC Geographies of Missing People research project, and recent and planned consultations on missing persons strategies across the UK, this one-day event will bring together professionals in related fields to explore what good practice looks like when supporting returned adults, and how best national strategies might be put into practice.

For the police, an investigation ends when a missing person is found. For the missing person, the missing episode ends when they are able to return to their lives successfully, secure in relationships and supported as necessary by caring authorities and the voluntary sector. It’s vital then that national standards are set for 'return’ and aftercare’’ 


Joe Apps, UK Missing Person Bureau)

Police guidance suggests that adults should have access to a return home interview – an opportunity for them to talk about what happened and for their needs to be assessed. In practice, many adults receive nothing more than a straightforward ‘safe and well’ check.

This event, will provide a chance for participants to hear what returned missing adults and their families say about return, to consider which services should engage with individuals who return - and how - and to explore how working in partnership can help prevent future missing incidents.

Conference summary

Presentations will:

  • share research and knowledge about the issue and its implications

  • highlight existing good practice

  • discuss practical strategies, initiatives and tools for supporting returned adults

Question and Answer session:

  • Offers a chance to express and explore pre conceived thoughts and expectations with the knowledge and ideas shared by the presentations.

  • Hosted by the chair and consisting of a panel of experts made up from local authorities and  services who have practical knowledge of what help is currently being implemented to aid adults on return after a missing incident.

  • Practical implementation of national strategies and guidance around adults who return

Lunch and Refreshments included

Speakers (TBC)

  • Chair Susannah Drury, Director of Policy, Research and Resources at Missing People.

  • Professor Hester Parr, University of Glasgow, Geographies of Missing People research lead investigator

  • Jeff Farrar, Chief Constable Gwent Police

  • Andy Mckay, Police Scotland

  • Mike Veale, Chief Constable, Wiltshire Police

  • Joe Apps, UK Missing Persons Bureau

  • Shane Hemsley, Missing People (to talk about the Big Lottery Wales funded Aftercare pilot)

  • Rachel Edwards, sister of missing Richard Edwards, to offer a family perspective

  • Lucy Holmes, Research Manager, Missing People

Who should attend?

  • Police

  • Government departments

  • Local authorities

  • Community safety officers

  • Probation services

  • Missing persons specialists

  • Adult safeguarding professionals

  • Social housing professionals

  • Substance misuse professionals

  • Charities that work with adults with support needs

  • Mental health professionals

  • LSAB members

  • Forced marriage/’honour’-based violence/domestic abuse specialists

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