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The story of Missing People

Missing People founders Mary and Janet started a helpline in response to the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh from Fulham in 1986. The two sisters, along with a team of dedicated volunteers, were overwhelmed by the number of people calling them. Their helpline provided a lifeline for families with a missing loved one. It was invaluable in bringing forward information relating to the whereabouts of vulnerable missing people.

In 2004, Mary and Janet stepped down from their roles at Missing People. However, their legacy lives on and Missing People offers a lifeline to the 250,000 people who run away or go missing each year in the UK; and
continues to support the families and loved ones left behind.

Our projects are diverse and far-ranging. However, the constant in our work is the fact that it is your support that enables us to continue to provide our crucial services to those who need it most.

Your legacy will help us continue Mary and Janet’s work of supporting those who are facing some of the most difficult times of their lives. A gift in your Will is an eternal commitment – to those missing and their
families – that a lifeline will always be available when it’s needed most.

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