Missing Children's Day 2022

This Missing Children’s Day, we have partnered with some fantastic agencies to create an unforgettable campaign…

The appeals of Leah, Alexander, and Finn, are featuring on Ocean Outdoor boards across London, as part of a campaign that hopes to finally bring them home.

We have partnered with creative agencies to design eye-catching appeals that contain the technology that bring their images to life! Take a look below…


Leah, Alexander and Finn are only a small fraction of those reported missing – 70,000 children go missing every year. Unfortunately, their families are still no closer to having the answers they so desperately need. This is where you can get involved.

Please help us share their appeals below, so that someone, somewhere, might see them, and provide vital information that could give the families the answers they need.

You can also sign up to receive weekly emails with new missing persons appeals, below. Your sighting of a missing person could make a difference in a crucial time. Pre-sign up to be a Digital Search Hero below and help reunite more missing people with their loved ones.

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