Join our new 90-90-90 virtual challenge!

1 Feb 2021 – 1 May 2021

We want to support every person and family affected by missing. You can help us achieve this.

A person goes missing every 90 seconds in the UK, that means by the time you have finished reading this page there will be heartbreak for another family.

By taking part, your fundraising effort will mean something for every single one of these people.

Take on the 90-90-90 Virtual Challenge!

By committing to raise £90 – you could help us reunite a family.

£90 will launch a publicity campaign to find a missing person and provide hope to families affected.

Let’s conquer 90-90-90 together.


Help people like Angela*

Take part in our 90-90-90 virtual challenge and help support people in crisis.
  • Angela's Story

    After facing some of the most difficult moments in their lives, many people are physically and mentally exhausted, bearing the emotional scars of the last year. People like Angela*, one of our NHS heroes on the frontline battling the increasing pressures that COVID-19 has presented. After helping everyone else, Angela found herself struggling to cope with her own mental health.

    “A couple of weeks ago, I had an acute mental health episode, although this had been building over some time. I work for the NHS, and the stress of the job plus other issues over the last few years, including bereavement, everything became too much.

    I ended up ringing my boss to tell her I was going to end it and basically ‘went missing’. I turned up at a friend’s house but in the meantime, there were many police officers out looking for me around the river area and my phone was constantly ringing. My husband thought he had lost me, and it was very traumatic for everyone all round. In the end, I spent two nights voluntary in a mental health unit and now I am determined to get better.

    Something really struck me in the midst of all this. I had only been missing a short while but within that time I had a message come through on my phone from Missing People offering support. I can’t believe how quickly this had come through and I think it is an amazing charity, so thank you.”

How can I get involved?

To support missing people and their families left behind, your challenge could involve running, cycling, swimming, dancing, push-ups or a combination of all of these. 90-90-90 Virtual Challenge is open to any age, any ability and can be achieved anywhere.

Whether you run 90 miles or run for 90 minutes, it’s important to recognise you are looking after your own health and mental wellbeing, whilst also raising money to support those affected by missing.

Once you’re signed up remember to nominate a friend, family member or colleague to also get involved.


90-90-90 virtual challenge

Here’s how you can get involved and it’s completely FREE!


    Decide on your challenge. It could be any of the following:

    • Running, cycling or swimming
    • Walking, climbing or dancing
    • Sits-ups, push-ups or even star jumps
    • Why not think up your own activity?
    • Anything that involves being ‘active’, even better if it’s in the outdoors

    Don’t fancy a fitness challenge, but still want to take part? Here are some more ideas.

  • 2)TARGET

    Set yourself a target. Remember to include the number 90:

    It could be

    • running 90 miles
    • cycling 90 minutes every day
    • 90 lengths in the swimming pool
    • walking for 90 continuous days
    • climbing 90 stairs
    • 90 push-ups in one go
    • a combination of any of these…or even think up your own, the options are endless!

    Fundraise at Home ideas could include offering a 90 minute online tutorial, baking 90 cupcakes.


    Commit to your challenge. Tell us about your activity so we can provide you with any support you need.

    Sign-up is completely FREE!

    Set up your JustGiving page to track your fundraising target.



    Set a minimum target of £90. This amount will create a publicity appeal for a missing person.

  • 5)SHARE
    • Share your challenge with family, friends and colleagues
    • Share your challenge across social media. Use the following:
      • for Facebook and Instagram, @missingpeople for Twitter
      • #909090
    • Share your story and your reasons for supporting Missing People
    • Share pictures and videos

    And remember to join our Facebook community page for motivation and support here!

Finished your challenge?

On completion of your challenge and reaching the minimum £90 fundraising target, share this with our JustGiving Community page and provide evidence by emailing

You will then receive your 90-90-90 Virtual Challenge certificate.


If you have a question and it wasn’t answered on this page, check our 90-90-90 frequently asked questions below!