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Grand fundraisers

Learn about our wonderful supporters who have raised over £1000 for us

We adore it when people take the time to join or organise fundraisers for us. Whether they raise 50p or £5,000, everything counts towards helping people affected by a disappearance. Every fundraiser is special, but here we want to celebrate exceptional individuals who have pushed themselves to raise over £1000 for Missing People; our grand fundraisers.

£1000 could help us reach out to 2,858 missing people by text, offering support and a listening ear 

£1000 can help us recruit and provide expert training for two volunteers to take calls on our helpline 

£1000 can help keep our Runaway Helpline service for 11-17 year olds open for one day 

If you raise over £1000 for us in one calendar year, you will receive:

  • A special enamel mug
  • A letter hand signed by our Chief Executive
  • A certificate
  •   A chance to be included as a Grand Fundraiser on our website.

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Thank you so much for pushing yourselves to raise so much money and making such a positive difference!

 Contact our team if you would like to take on a fundraiser for Missing People today!

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The Small Print

We started this initiative in 2019. Unfortunately, we cannot backdate this to everyone who has raised over £1,000 for us in previous years. Once you are a grand fundraiser, you will always be one, and even if you raise over £1,000 two years in a row you will only receive the prize once.