Digital Search Heroes

What does it mean to be a Digital Search Hero?

Our vision is for every missing child, adult and family left behind to find help, hope, and a safe way to reconnect. Sharing appeals online and being the eyes and ears for Missing People can make a huge difference in the search for someone. 

Our initiative, Digital Search Heroes, asks people to sign up for a weekly email with the most recent missing person appeals and information about our work. We will also highlight a longer-term missing case to help keep the search alive.

We ask that you share the appeals on social and also keep an eye out in your local area. In the future, we will also launch an alert system that will send high-risk missing appeals straight to you if the person was last seen in your area.

This is a chance for you to get involved and make a real difference! Sign up at the bottom of this page.

Things to consider

We believe that every missing person had the ‘right to be forgotten’.

This means that once a missing person has returned home, we will remove all publicity of them and do our best to help them remove their Digital Footprint. We will also not publicise when an individual has been found but simply remove closed cases from our website.

Every missing situation is unique and there are many reasons that someone may leave home. Depending on the situation, it may not always be appropriate for the missing person to receive publicity and, in some cases, could put the missing person at further risk. For example, we will not launch a publicity appeal for someone who is escaping domestic abuse as it could put them at risk.

Learn more about best practice here.

Sign up to be a Digital Search Hero

We have launched a regular email so that you can be aware of new missing person appeals and share them far and wide! We are also calling on all Heroes to be the eyes and ears for Missing People on the ground. Your sighting of a missing person could make a difference in a crucial time.