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Ways we can help

Whether you are away from home yourself, or you are worrying about someone you think is missing, our guidance pages can help you.

Are you 'missing' and what does that mean?

Read an explanation of what missing means and how you can find out if you have been reported as a missing person.

How to stop being missing

If you have been reported as missing to the police, find out how you can cancel a missing search, return safely to where you want to be and remove publicity.

Dealing with your missing person's affairs

If your person has been missing a number of weeks, find out whether you are able to appoint a trusted person to use and look after the property and financial affairs of the person who is missing.

How to launch a publicity appeal for your missing loved one

Discover what you can do to launch your own publicity appeal, with help from us or the police, to help find your missing person.

Key facts about 'missing'

Read some statistics to understand how many people go missing, reasons why people leave, and how long most people remain missing for.

What the police do to find a missing person

Find out how the police will coordinate a search when someone is reported missing.