Our community of people who have lived experience of missing

Around 1 million people are affected by a disappearance every year.

People worried about someone who has gone missing, and people who have felt the need to go missing themselves. We offer a unique space to share advice, support each other, and meet in person or virtually. We provide opportunities to contribute time, share expertise, and support the charity and wider cause.

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Sponsored walks to commemorate missing loved ones, fundraise and increase awareness.

People like to organise fundraisers, celebrations and awareness raising activities.

Requests from journalists and researchers for people with experience.

A meaningful way to create a tribute to your missing loved one whilst supporting Missing People

If you have been affected by a disappearance, join the Missing People Choir and connect with others who understand.

Have you been inspired by other people’s words or videos and would like to tell us about your experience? We are always wanting more people to be brave and speak up giving us a chance to share your words.

Lived Experiences

The day life changed

People remembering and sharing their thoughts of their loved one.

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Questions and answer sessions with professionals as requested by users.

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