Call for ‘missing’ to be included in race discrimination inquiry

National statistics show that Black people are disproportionately likely to be reported missing, making up 13% of missing people in the 2018/19 statistics (the latest available) while only 3% of the general population. We are concerned about this over-representation but do not know enough about the reasons why as there has been relatively little research.

In addition to these concerning figures we know that some Black people and people from other ethnic minorities have reported a poor response from professionals including the police, either when they themselves were missing or when they have reported a loved one as such.

In light of this, we have written to the Independent Office for Police Conduct to ask for the response to missing people to be included in their upcoming inquiry into race discrimination.

We are also working to better understand the links between ethnicity and missing, and how we can best serve the communities who need us.

Read our letter to the IoPC here.

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