Online Family Social Group


Our online Family Social Group is on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30-8.30pm online via Zoom. This group is for family and friends of a missing person to come together with others who understand their experience.

”It’s a really nice mix. Sometimes we just talk about life and other times we spend the whole time talking about missing.”

Family Social

This emotional support session is so people who understand what it is like to miss someone, can be together. To talk, to share, to ask advice, to listen, to laugh and cry. The session is held by two staff and volunteers who welcome people and make sure everyone is ok, if they want to talk afterwards.

On the weeks where we do not do the usual Family Social, we offer special creative writing and yoga sessions. You are welcome to come to all sessions or just the ones which you think would be the most helpful!

Creative Writing

For many people. writing or talking about their experience can be very valuable. We welcome people sharing their experience or thoughts through writing. We have often helped creative writing sessions at events and Family Days and, following feedback from family members, we are delighted to be hosting these sessions more frequently. Creative Writing is now monthly and is on the third Wednesday of every month.

Learn more about how creative writing can be a useful tool to express your emotions, how you can get started and read poems written in previous family sessions below.


Yoga can help to bring some calm and stillness into busy lives, and give individuals the opportunity to take some time just for themselves.  It can help with some ailments and physical illnesses, such a poor circulation, and can support treatment of sleep disorders such as insomnia.  These sessions will be a chance for you to reconnect to the physical and mental body, and we can tailor them to suit the needs of the group.  

The next sessions will take place on 26th June and 28th August.

Our yoga sessions are led by Emma:

“I’m Emma and I live up in bonnie Scotland, where I work as a yoga teacher.  I’ll be leading the Yoga and Wellbeing sessions, focusing on how to use our breath in connection with the body’s movement to still our busy minds, and help to soften and relax the body.  In other words - we’ll be doing some stretches while we take some nice big breaths!   Yoga is not just about doing headstands – it has a focus on connecting with the body and moving in a way that feels good for you.

These sessions will be available to all, so even if you are dealing with an injury or recovering from an illness, you will still be able to take part.  All you will need is some comfortable clothing and somewhere to sit (either on the floor or on a chair).  If you have a yoga mat, that’s brilliant.  If not – no big deal!  I’ll focus on doing stretches and breathing techniques that you will be able to do after the sessions, to help keep the mind and body calm and relaxed.”

Join us

Some people come every week, some people come occasionally and the group really likes it and wants more people who haven’t been before to come.

“Over the weeks we’ve done it [attended the group] we’ve laughed a lot. There’s been some pretty hefty ones as well. But there’s been a lot of laughter.”

If you would like to come along or want to talk more about it you can contact Family Support.

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