Online social group for families


We meet every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm online via Zoom.

”It’s a really nice mix. Sometimes we just talk about life and other times we spend the whole time talking about missing.”


Every week for an hour, people who understand what it is like to miss someone, can be together. To talk, to share, to ask advice, to listen, to laugh and cry. The session is held by two staff and volunteers who welcome people and make sure everyone is ok, if they want to talk afterwards.

Join us

Some people come every week, some people come occasionally and the group really likes it and wants more people who haven’t been before to come.

“Over the weeks we’ve done it [attended the group] we’ve laughed a lot. There’s been some pretty hefty ones as well. But there’s been a lot of laughter.”

If you would like to come along or want to talk more about it you can let us know and we can send you the Zoom invitation for you to join email families@missingpeople.org.uk or call the Helpline 116 000.