Together to Remember

2023 event

We invite you to join us via Facebook Live on October 14th at 14:00 for our annual Together to Remember Event.

“Many of us do not have any marker to visit. Many of us don’t even know if our loved one is passed away or still out there somewhere.. For those of us who live in far flung places, unable to physically be there, the online live coverage was a wonderful way to ensure we were able to feel a part of it.”

This year we are inviting everyone to come together to Walk in Solidarity’ on the same day, as we hold our Together to Remember event, where we plan to combine both events.

Where and when will it all take place

Starting at the Missing People office in East Sheen (SW14 7JE) at 11.00am, the walk will head out in the direction of Richmond Park, aiming to cover a loop distance of 10km, ending at Palewell Common.

This is where the Together to Remember event is scheduled to be live streamed at 14.00pm.

Please use the link below to find out more about our Walk in Solidarity and how you can join us.

Walk in Solidarity


This annual event was created as a space for Remembering, so that families can share memories or messages for or in memory of their loved ones. We invite families to send us messages so that these messages can take the physical form of leaves on our Missing People Memory Tree. During the Together to Remember event each year in the Autumn, we tie new messages from families to the tree as symbols of love, remembrance and hope. It is a moment of solidarity for our whole community.

All families are welcome to send a message to be tied to the tree.  We appreciate how complex and distressing each individual situation can be. The event is open to anyone, anywhere, who has or has had a missing loved one, including those who have been bereaved by the loss of their missing family member.

Enduring Faith by Val Nettles

Poem written by Val whose son Damien went missing in 1996.

I step out into the crisp cool air.  The garden has a tiredness to it as leaves curl, wither, and float gently in the breeze to the ground.  The ground has a damp and woody scent. The grass crisp underfoot as I take account of the beauty and abundance of nature. Leaves turn deep shades of red and gold dappled in the bright sunlight.  Berries abound on hedgerows.  Fields are tilled ready for the spring crops.   The coolness and brightness herald a change that inspires me.  I know the leaves will be back in spring and I feel energized with hope and a deep awareness of the cycle of life.

Sign up to be a Digital Search Hero

We have launched a new email communication so that you can be aware of new missing person appeals and share them far and wide! We are also calling on all Heroes to be the eyes and ears for Missing People on the ground. Your sighting of a missing person could make a difference in a crucial time.