Specialist consultancy and training services

Our team of expert consultants can work with you to help tackle local professional challenges when responding to missing adults and children, and their families. Last year, we shared our expertise with over 1,000 multi-agency professionals across the UK through bespoke consultancy and training, conferences, multi-agency workshops and e-learning packages, grounded in the experiences of people who are affected by missing. We work with police, local authority leads and front-line local authority practitioners, Health, Education, and the voluntary sector.

What we can help with

  • Reduce local numbers of repeat missing incidents, and the harm linked to missing
  • Build on local, multi-agency policies and protocols to effectively respond to and support missing persons and their families
  • Increase local skills and knowledge to improve the impact of missing response and support services
  • Develop and build on good practice, informed by insight from across the UK
  • Provide a voice for missing persons and their families

What it might look like

  • Developing effective local, multi-agency responses to missing persons through reviewing local protocols and policies compared to good practice, and running workshops to clarify agencies’ roles and responsibilities
  • Delivering effective safeguarding and support to reduce the harm linked to missing incidents through mapping local service provision, identifying gaps and working with you to identify local solutions
  • Improving local professional, multi-agency knowledge of missing and related issues such as Child Criminal Exploitation, County Lines, Child Sexual Exploitation, mental health, and trafficking through e-learning, training workshops or seminars
  • Improving skills and increasing local impact to deliver effective Return Home Interviews, Prevention Interviews/Safe and Well Checks through e-learning, training workshops, and webinars.

Why choose us

Our expertise comes from:

  • Over 6 years’ experience delivering specialist consultancy and training to local agencies and partnerships across England, Wales, and Scotland
  • Over 30 years of supporting missing people and families through our national helpline, publicity and family support services, and local services that aim to reduce harm linked to missing episodes
  • Over 20 years of working in partnership with police forces and local authorities nationally, to help safeguard missing people and improve the response to missing persons and their families
  • Over 10 years of supporting the development and review of national strategies, policies and guidance, working with the Home Office, Department for Education, National Police Chiefs Council and Scottish Government.

Training topics

  • Missing Children
  • Child Exploitation
  • Missing Adults
  • Conducting effective Return Home Interviews (England & Wales)
  • Conducting effective Return Discussions (Scotland)
  • Conducting effective Safe and Well Checks
  • Responding to children missing from care

All consultancy and training services can be designed in partnership to best fit the needs of your organisation, and local area.

Adult Journey Mapping

Each year nearly 85,000 adults are reported missing in over 110,000 incidents across England. Adult journey mapping us designed to focus on missing person personal profiles to able you and your organisation to effectively achieve:

  • Clarity on local multi-agency roles, responsibilities, process, and procedure along the missing person’s journey, and to clarify process and procedure followed by partners when supporting the missing person and their family.
  • Clearer individual and partnership responsibility regarding ownership of missing person cases.
  • Strengthened relationships with local partners in terms of problem solving.

Learn more in the proposal below.

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What next?

Our specialist team would be happy to speak to you about your local needs. Following an initial conversation, we can provide you with options on how we can support you to tackle your challenges and embed best practice in your local area.

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