Our work with London Borough of Bexley

We were commissioned by London Borough of Bexley to work together to build on their existing policies, procedures and response to missing and exploited children and young people. This work focused on sharing our expertise with local multi-agency professionals and parent champions through the delivery of multi-agency user journey mapping workshops and training. Commissioners in Bexley said:

“The workshop helped local partners working with children and young people to capture the multi-agency response to a variety of scenarios relating to when a child or young person goes missing. The facilitator encouraged partners to share local approaches and procedures and sought clarity when required. Although online, the workshop was a useful networking opportunity for Bexley partners and the exercise of unpicking how, when and why partners respond to missing children and young people drew out lots of detail. As a multi-agency team building exercise, highly recommended!

– Programme Manager, Bexley S.H.I.E.L.D. Safeguarding Partnership for Children and Young People.

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