Discrimination from professional services when you or a loved one has been missing

What’s it about?

We know that some people do not get the response they deserve when they go missing, or when they report a loved one missing.

People accessing our support services have told us about discrimination that they have experienced from the police and other professionals.

Some families of missing people have spoken about their missing person not being made a priority; being criminalised rather than treated as a victim; or that their concerns have not been taken seriously. These experiences can be compounded by disparities in how the media report on missing people from different backgrounds and communities.

People have been discriminated against because of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, class and a range of other characteristics.

We know that every missing person and family deserve the best response. We want to do better at challenging discrimination whenever it happens.

If you feel you have been treated poorly by any professional because of your race, gender, disability, religion, sexuality, or for any other reason, please know that you can talk to us about this. We are here to listen and can talk through your options, including making a formal complaint, making an anonymous complaint, challenging poor decisions or actions, or by sharing your experience to fight for better responses in the future.

We are currently gathering evidence about experiences of discrimination based on race or ethnicity and will be publishing a report later this year to highlight the need for change in police responses.

Share your experience

If you would like to share your experiences with our Policy and Research Team please email us research@missingpeople.org.uk or speak to our Services Team by calling 116 000.

Any experiences can be shared anonymously and we will not take any action on your behalf, or share your story anywhere without your permission.

Share your experience
If you have experienced discrimination based on race or ethnicity and you would like to share this with us, please click here to find out more about a survey we are currently running.

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