Unidentified bodies and remains

If you’re searching for a missing person, you might be thinking about every outcome and wanting to understand more about unidentified bodies. We understand that even thinking about this can be difficult, and very distressing. We’re always here to listen if you need us.

What happens to unidentified bodies?

Sometimes, when a body or human remains are found, they aren’t easily matched to a person. When a body is found and there no identity details, the police will use DNA checks, finger prints, dental checks and other ways to try and work out who it is.

Missing persons database

The UK Missing Persons Bureau holds a database of those bodies and remains who they haven’t been able to match to anyone. Police will check his database to see if they can find a match. This information is publicly available, so you can search it yourself if you want to. For some people with a missing person, they find it helpful to look themselves. For others, it is very upsetting and they don’t wish to see it.

It’s important that you are aware that it exists. We know that it is a very difficult thing to look at. If you don’t want to view it yourself,  it might be something to mention to your police team.

Visit the unidentified bodies database

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