Become a Poster Partner

When someone is missing and considered vulnerable, our publicity appeals can help to gather vital information from the public. These appeals can also reach the missing person and encourage them to make contact. Become a poster partner and help us find and support missing people.


Poster partners are organisations and businesses who agree to publically display posters of appeals on their premises when someone goes missing in their area or when a missing person is believed to be in their locality.
Displaying these posters helps to highlight the search for the missing person which encourages sightings and offers hope and support to the families of the missing.
Examples of poster partners may include cafes, libraries, shops, offices, bars, pubs & restaurants. Community notice boards, especially in small communities, can be a great place to display our posters.
Our poster partners play a crucial role in the search for a missing person and can make a real difference.
To become a poster partner please sign up.

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