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Support Partners are projects who work with children and/or adults and perform a safeguarding role or aim to increase wellbeing.

Examples of Support Partners include; hostels, soup kitchens, mental health support services or any agency helping children or adults through a difficult time, including voluntary and statutory organisations. 

We send briefings to Support Partners informing them of a person missing in their area, offering advice and support to both the Support Partner and the missing person.

All Support Partners have agreed that they will only share briefings about a missing person that they receive around their staff and volunteers and that briefings will only be displayed in non-public areas.

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Thank you for helping us by agreeing to discreetly share our ‘missing’ briefings. Please only share these with staff and volunteers, placed in staff rooms or circulated via email to staff and volunteers within your organisation. They should not be displayed in a public place or in any place accessible by service users. When we ask you to remove the briefings please take down any posters and try to delete any emails containing the briefing preferably within 24 hours.

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