July 2023’s Fundraiser of the Month

Our Fundraiser of the Month for July is Jordan Ward!

A BIG SHOUTOUT goes to our amazing fundraiser of the month – Jordan Ward!

A few years ago during lockdown, Jordan began hosting tournaments on Facebook to entertain his friends. Every day he would post two characters, and his friends would vote for their favourite and the loser would be eliminated. This carried on for a couple of weeks until they ended up with a winner. This became so popular that Jordan decided to use it as a way of fundraising for a charity.

This summer, his participants voted for a ‘Fictional Detectives’ tournament and chose to fundraise for us as they were fans of the charity and it made sense given the theme was ‘Detectives’. This tournament began on Monday 24th April and just finished on 6th August. It featured many of everyone’s favourite detectives and the final was between Sherlock Holmes and Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle from Brooklyn 99. Sherlock Holmes was the winner!

Overall, Jordan raised an incredible £510 from his online tournament! This amount will make a significant difference to people affected by a disappearance.

Thank you so much to Jordan for raising an incredible amount of money for us – we are so grateful for your support!

Donate to Jordan’s fundraising page



Would you like to be a Fundraiser of the Month?

You can – all you need you to do is raise money for Missing People!

We are always looking to celebrate the achievements of our exceptional fundraisers.

There are so many different ways you can fundraise for us:

  • Participate in one of the Challenge Events, full list of events here
  • Dedicate your birthday to Missing People by setting up a special birthday fundraising page here.
  • You could dance, sing, bake cakes – the options are endless, here are some ideas for inspiration.

So if you have a fundraising idea that will help raise vital funds for people affected by disappearance, go for it and you may be our next Fundraiser of the Month!

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