‘May You Find Your Way Home’ released on Bandcamp

May You Find Your Way Home

The moving single May You Find Your Way Home by Sunny Davidson is now available to buy on Bandcamp. The song is written for Owen Harding who went missing in Saltdean on 26th of March 2020. All proceeds from the song will go to Missing People.

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Sunny is the partner of Owen’s mother, Stella, and understands how difficult it is when someone disappears without a trace. When discussing the meaning of the song, Sunny expressed:

“This song is my attempt to express some of the depth of feeling surrounding this tragic set of circumstances which have rocked the local community. I believe that music and song can really help us to process our grief and can bring comfort in hard times such as these. So that’s the intention behind this offering. I want to take this opportunity to send all my love to you Owen, wherever you are, to your mum Stella, your little sister Artemi and to all your family and friends. Giving thanks for your life.”

Stella commented on how the lyrics represent her and her family’s experience in this difficult time:

“When my son Owen went missing, Sunny was basically right there at the end of the phone, every single day listening to me. In those early days/weeks of Owen being missing, I was sitting by the fire, walking on the downs, finding some comfort in connecting with nature and lighting candles for Owen every day. We were all crying and lighting candles every day for Owen. Sunny took my words and turned them into this beautiful song. The song really represents my experience and the collective experience of my community as we felt the devastating loss of Owen. And it also deeply resonates with other families that have missing loved ones.

We all hope our Missing Loved ones will find their way home to us.”

Sunny, Stella and friends also created a beautiful music video for the song. The video perfectly captures the emotions and themes of loss, memory, and missing explored in the song.

You can watch the video below and please show your support to all those involved by sharing this special song. 

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