Missing on a Night Out

#PLAN your night out and make sure you get home safely

We want to help keep young people safe and prevent them from going missing on a night out. Whilst parties, club nights and other celebrations can be a fun and exciting time, every year, university students leave for a night out and don’t return.

Men are also more likely to go missing on a night out than women and are most likely to come to harm. We want to put an end to this and raise awareness of the potential risks.

Our Services Team has put together the following tips to ensure all university students are taking the right steps to keep safe, look after each other, and return with memories that will last a lifetime.


#PLAN: Power up

Keep your phone charged. Seriously… keep your phone charged.

You can also download safety apps such as WalkSafe, OneScream, RedPanicButton and more.

#PLAN: Try not to leave on your own

There’s safety in numbers. This is especially important if you live near by the ocean or body of water, don’t go near it alone, especially at night.

#PLAN: Try not to leave anyone else on their own

Check in with your friends. If you notice someone is no longer with the group, don’t assume they are OK until you’ve spoken to them.

#PLAN: Text someone to let them know your movements

‘I have just left Club Z – walking to taxi rank on High Street.’ No detail is too much and you’re friends will be happy to know you’re safe.

#PLAN: Be mindful of advice given to you

Like not leaving your drinks unattended. If you are given an alarm – carry it with you. Precautions are good and will help make sure you have a great night.

#PLAN: Stick to well-lit areas

It may seem obvious but it can be tempting to take that secluded shortcut, especially if you’re in a rush. Try not to be in the situation where you end up walking long distances late at night. The Uber fee is worth it!

#PLAN: Follow the basic rules of drinking

Eat before going out, don’t leave your drinks unattended, avoid mixing drinks or drinking to excess.

#PLAN: Ask for help if needed

If you feel unsafe, ask for help from a friend, a staff member such as a bouncer or security guard or even the police if you feel you may be in danger.

#PLAN: Consider the risks and do what's best for you

You can get lots of offers on a night out – a game of pool, a drink, an invite to go back to someone’s house or another party and even an offer of drugs. Make the choices you feel comfortable and safe making the right decision for you.

#PLAN: Trust your instincts

If someone or somewhere feels dangerous or unsafe, leave there and try to leave with someone. You can always find somewhere better to enjoy your night where you feel comfortable.

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