Missing People and Stagecoach Partnership

We, along with Stagecoach, the UK’s largest bus and coach operator, have joined together on a campaign that will encourage people in crisis to call the free and confidential helpline before they think of disappearing.

Our Helpline team have heard first-hand that financial issues like not being able to pay bills, unpaid debt, and food insecurity are driving people to think about going missing. In response, we launched a new preventative campaign in October to reach more people in crisis.

With around 100,000 adults reported missing each year in the UK, we have extended our current preventative campaign to include a partnership with Stagecoach and have printed the Missing People helpline number on its bus tickets. The campaign began being rolled out across every corner of the UK almost two weeks ago and we can confirm that calls from people in need who have seen the number on the ticket have started coming in.

Stagecoach bus tickets

Stagecoach bus tickets will now have

“If you feel like disappearing or know someone who has gone missing, find ‘Missing People’ for support.  Call the free helpline on 116 000 which is confidential and non-judgemental”

printed at the top of the ticket.

About the partnership

Stagecoach, the UK’s biggest bus and coach operator, which employs 23,000 people across Scotland, Wales, North and South England has an ongoing partnership with Missing People as part of its Giving for Good initiative. This initiative supports its commitment to donate 0.5% of pre-tax profits every year to charitable causes. It also has national partnerships with Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, the Trussell Trust and Happy Days. Through these partnerships, Stagecoach has provided financial donations and is also committed to supporting the charities wherever possible, for example by providing buses and helping to raise awareness of the great work of each of these charities.

Martin Griffiths, Chief Executive for Stagecoach, said:

“With over 2 million passenger journeys a day, in every corner of the UK, we know public transport plays such an important part in communities. By reaching so many people every day we can raise awareness of the great work Missing People do, not only for those who are missing and thinking of going missing but also supporting their loved ones too.

We are delighted that this initiative has already helped numerous people in the short time it has been live. Our drivers have also played a really important role in getting the message out there by signposting those they may see as vulnerable to the number on their tickets which resulted in a call to Missing People’s helpline.

Our Giving for Good committee was formed almost a year ago and it is encouraging to see the benefits of our partnership working now coming to fruition.”

Jo Youle, Chief Executive of Missing People, said:

“We are particularly pleased with this important partnership and continued support from Stagecoach who are playing an instrumental role in our drive to prevent people in crisis from disappearing. The printing of helpline number on Stagecoach bus tickets is our hope that someone in crisis sees it and we can be the support they need before they leave”

Research into missing

With a high risk of homelessness and coming to harm while away, we are making every effort to ensure people in crisis know where to look for help and partnerships like the one with Stagecoach help create a bigger impact and wider reach.

Our recent research showed that 4 in 10 missing adults tried to take their own life while missing. National Crime Agency figures show that the number of people dying while missing has increased for the past three years.

We are concerned that these numbers will increase as people face greater financial hardships and will see a rise in the number of people reported missing or taking their own lives.

Get help

If you have been affected, we are here for you. Contact our Helpline on 116 000 by call or text.

You can also access our services and learn more about the ways we can help below:

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We have launched a regular email so that you can be aware of new missing person appeals and share them far and wide! We are also calling on all Heroes to be the eyes and ears for Missing People on the ground. Your sighting of a missing person could make a difference in a crucial time.