Missing People launch new strategy

Missing People are launching our new strategy in our 30th anniversary year. Going forwards, the strategy will guide our organisation in our overall aim of being a lifeline for missing people and their families in the UK.

The strategy will launch at BBC Gardeners World Live, where families of missing people from across the UK will unveil the ‘Missing You’ garden. 170,000 people are reported missing to the police in the UK each year and the garden marks the formal launch of a new strategy called ‘From Crisis to Hope.’ The strategy highlights that people who go missing are often in a crisis and face great harm. More than one thousand people die whilst missing each year. Their families don’t always get the right response from police, especially people of colour, and they can face intense public and media speculation, on top of their emotional heartache.

From Crisis to Hope Goals

  1. Going missing is understood as a crisis that can be a matter of life or death
  2. All missing people and their loved ones get the right help at the right time
  3. Fewer missing people come to harm

The charity is calling for change so that someone going missing is viewed as a crisis, backed by a fair response by police and other agencies involved. The charity also aims to develop its existing helpline support to reach more of those impacted by mental health problems, exploitation and financial problems made worse by the cost-of-living crisis.

“Together, we hope the garden and the charity’s new strategy will begin a campaign to make change. We desperately need a better and fairer response for all missing people and their loved ones. You never think it will happen to you. When it does, the impact is devasting.”

– Karen and Mike Bone, parents of Matthew Bone who went missing in 2018.

Recent research by Missing People and Listen Up found that black people are disproportionately represented in the population of people going missing, that they are more likely to be missing longer than white people, and that they are less likely to be found by the police. This year, we launched our Give Hope Campaign to create a better and fairer future.

Our Give Hope Campaign, and new strategy, strive for an urgent change. A better and fairer world with more empathy for all those affected, regardless of ethnicity. With everyone’s support we can make that change a reality. But we are reliant on donations and legacies to do this.”

– Jo Youle, CEO of Missing People

If you have been affected by a disappearance, access free, confidential, and non-judgemental helpline support by texting or calling Missing People on 116 000. From Hope to Crisis is available in full to read below.

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