Memory quilt

Create a square for our memory quilt in tribute of your missing loved one

We are inviting family members to help us create a “memory quilt”. Anyone with a missing loved one is welcome to create a square. Once completed, the squares will then be joined with others to make a quilt and displayed in the Missing People office.

The content of the square may reflect the personality or interests of your missing loved one, the experience of being without them or both. The quilt expresses in a permanent way something of your experience and each square is unique.

A family member has written some basic instructions below. She hopes that this will mean everyone will be able to participate if they wish.


Send us your Square

We look forward to seeing it and hanging it alongside the others.

Please address your package to
FREEPOST Missing People
284 Upper Richmond Road West,
London SW14 7JE

If you would like to send in some writing to go with your square, you can either send that in the post as well or email us at

Example quilts to look at for ideas and inspiration

In Australia:

FFMPU – their quilt & companion booklet

In Canada:

British Home Children 

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