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On Monday 15th August 2022, we launched our Online Shop in partnership with Scimitar!

Building the Online Shop

As part of the charity’s ‘Digital First’ initiative, our objective was to launch an accessible website where our supporters could easily select our Missing People products. We have started primarily with two products: running tops and T-shirts. But over time the number of items on offer will grow.

We approached Scimitar with our products, images, as well as design ideas, and they built our Online Shop to mirror our charity’s homepage to show the partnership between the two sites. Whilst the main objective is to advertise our online products, we also wanted to remind our supporters that our team is here to support them if they need our help.

Scimitar will be our supplier for the merchandise, assist us with deliveries, and provide admin support on the site to ensure everything runs efficiently.

We’re delighted to have worked with Missing People on their brand-new online shop, fundraising apparel, and fulfilment services. With Missing People launching an online shop for the first time, our aim is to provide the charity with a platform to maximise fundraising opportunities and help increase the services they can offer to individual affected by missing people. Our web development team have worked hard to create a premium, feature-packed online shop that offers users a clean and seamless experience. Not only are Missing People offering an unparalleled shopping experience to fundraisers, but by opting for our 100% recycled charity apparel and organic cotton t-shirts, the charity are ensuring fundraising is done sustainably and ethically.

– Adam Church-Millward , Head of Marketing at Scimitar

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our Online Shop! It has been a pleasure to work with Scimitar these past few months. They have done a fantastic job of building our online shop which perfectly mirrors our charity’s homepage and a seamless user journey. This project will help support our digital focus as a charity and allow us to send out our products in a simple and efficient way. “

– David Warne, Individual Giving Co-ordinator at Missing People

Shopping for Challenge Event participants

One of the reasons our supporters want our merchandise is because they are participating in a challenge event for us. Before an event, we always sent out a FREE running top as a thank you to the fundraiser. The participant can wear it during the challenge too. But now, with our new Online Shop, the challenge event participant can order a running top themselves online by using an exclusive code.

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