Request a TextSafe

TextSafe®is a way for us to reach out to a vulnerable missing child or adult and let them know that our confidential helpline services are available to them. By requesting a TextSafe®, you are triggering a text message which will be sent to their mobile phone explaining how they can get in touch with us for free, 24/7.

The text is sent from Missing People rather than from the police. Therefore, those who might be hesitant to contact the police still have access to assistance from a ‘neutral’ confidential charity. It may be that as a result of getting in contact with Missing People, the missing person then decides to initiate contact with the police, their family or social services. Therefore, as well as providing a crucial safeguarding role, TextSafe® is also likely to reduce the number and duration of missing episodes.

To receive our one-page police guide on how to request with minimal effort a TextSafe® from your email address or through your COMPACT System (if you have one) please get in touch.