Police and children and young people in neutral environments

About the issue

From our consultation and research, we know that some care placements create neutral or positive opportunities for care-experienced young people to interact with their local police. Some children and young people felt that this was unnecessary and further differs care-experienced people’s experienced of the police from that of other children. Others felt that it could be really positive for young people, if done in the right way. Young people would prefer to meet with officers away from their placement, and we would suggest these events should always be optional.

“Get this… they only need to be in the unit if a child is seriously putting somebody at risk of harm, or if they’re in harm or danger themselves…they’re not meant to be there and you just wanna be treated like normal. Like I said, it’s not a normal situation to be in anyway, when you’re in a house and your staff are changing all the time and you’ve got six or seven children there… No, and I think it’s impacted me because I still don’t like that we still wouldn’t talk to them. They’d be my last port of call if I ever needed help. I don’t trust them. And I don’t like them. Honest just because, like they were always around.”