Download our Missing from Work Guidance

Our Missing from Work Guidance

Do you know what you would do if one of your colleagues stop attending work, even if they were working from home?

Missing can affect anyone, with over 100,000 adults reported missing each year in the UK. For many, leaving everything they know is a sign that they have reached breaking point. Unfortunately, mental health issues account for up to 80% of adults reported missing.

“At work, we see colleagues as friends, teammates and often we become as close as family. When a colleague went missing, we felt hopeless. Knowing Missing People was able to provide help, support and reassurance was very important to us all” 

When someone goes missing, they leave behind devastated families, friends and colleagues. An estimated one million people affected each year.

Missing People are here to support your organisation in being ready should an employee go missing; We have produced Missing from Work Guidance for organisations, designed to be used by employers to embed within their own HR policies and procedures. We want organisations to feel confident in implementing best practice when an employee goes missing and to understand how best they can support their colleagues.

Some key benefits of Missing People’s Missing from Work Policy:

  • Lead the way in how workplaces respond to a colleague going missing.
  • Prevent a missing incident before it happens. Protect at-risk colleagues from serious harm by increasing awareness of the support available to them.
  • Help your organisation manage the process of an employee returning to work after going missing.
  • A vital addition to your organisation’s mental health

If you have any further questions or would like to help support the mission of Missing People to bring, help, hope and way to reconnect to more people in the UK – please contact

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