Missing People Choir Operation & Events Volunteer

What you’d be doing

The Choir Operations & Events Volunteer will be responsible for the day-to-day organisation of the choir. Tasks carried out in this role (with support from choir members, the Choir Director, and the charity staff) will include:

  • Planning and booking venues and events for the choir
  • Managing public relations communications
  • Overseeing fundraising for the choir; actively coordinating the budget and expenses for the choir.
  • Recruiting new members (alongside the CCG and existing choir members); working to diversify the choir to reflect the broad range of missing experiences
  • Communicating with choir members through the agreed channel(s) e.g. private Facebook group/emails
  • Liaising with the charity and identifying safeguarding, emotional support needs and conflicts, requesting support from the charity if appropriate
  • Working alongside the Choir Coordination group (CCG) and the Choir Director to share decision-making and develop the choir
  • Keeping the CCG up to date with actions taken and providing updates at the CCG meetings (quarterly)

Qualities/Experience/Skills needed

  • A Basic DBS will be required for the role
  • Interest and awareness of choirs/choral music as well as the issue of missing
  • Great communication skills and emotional intelligence
  • Effective time management and organisation skills
  • Maintaining confidentiality, having a boundaried yet warm approach

What this role can offer you

  • Optional opportunity to be a member of the Missing People Choir, raising awareness of the issue of missing and singing alongside those affected by a disappearance
  • A chance for shared decision making with the Choir Coordination Group
  • Supporting members to take an active part in the choir

Location and availability

As the Choir Operations & Events Volunteer, the time commitment for this role will be flexible. Depending on if you’d like to become an active member of  choir, commitment would need to take into account all aspects of being part of a choir; from rehearsal time, committee meetings, researching and booking events to performances.

There is an expected time commitment of 3-4 hours a week but this will be dependent on the activities of the choir and achieving the duties above.

This is a national choir and so there will be an expectation that members will be engaged virtually as well as in person rehearsals.


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