The appeal you are trying to view is no longer here

 In most cases, this means that the person we were appealing for is no longer missing.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you any more information about this particular person.

Going missing is generally a sign that something is seriously wrong in someone’s life. We want to make it as easy as possible for a missing person to walk back into their life, without their missing episode hanging over them. We remove all information and images of a person when they come back, and do not share details of their return, because we believe in their ‘right to be forgotten’.

How you can help

Please help us continue to keep missing people safe, and support the loved ones left behind.

Share our appeals

Look at the faces of people who have gone missing, and help by sharing their appeals.

Join our community

If you have your own experience of going missing, or having a loved one go missing, join our community of people with shared experiences.

Organise a fundraiser

Find out how you can support missing people and their families by fundraising at home or work.


Find out how you could get involved by giving your time to volunteer.

Sign up to be a Digital Search Hero

We have launched a regular email so that you can be aware of new missing person appeals and share them far and wide! We are also calling on all Heroes to be the eyes and ears for Missing People on the ground. Your sighting of a missing person could make a difference in a crucial time.