Volunteer Spotlight – Gabriella, Publicity Admin Volunteer

Volunteers’ Week 2024 takes place from the 3rd – 9th June, and is an opportunity for us to celebrate our volunteers.

This year, we spoke to Gabriella, our Publicity Admin Volunteer about the work she does for the charity, why she volunteers, and what she enjoys about volunteering.

When did you first begin volunteering at Missing People, and what made you initially decide to support the charity?

I was aware of the charity during my time of studying but did not have the time to commit to any opportunities due to family and work commitments. However, one day when I looked on the website for volunteer opportunities after graduating in Forensic Science, I was delighted that there was a volunteer opportunity to be a Publicity Administrator and so I applied. Upon researching the Missing People Charity further I was amazed at the great work that goes on behind the scenes – not only the preventative measures but also the support that they offer to families and friends of the missing during this difficult times.

What is your role in the organisation now?

I am a publicity administrator volunteer and absolutely love what I do. I come into the office once a week (or more). The day starts with a quick meeting with the Publicity Officer. We discuss and update cases – if there any leads on the missing people we currently have on file, if further publicity is needed and what kind of publicity would be most appropriate.

My role is to assign publicity to cases because of an upcoming anniversary (the day the missing person was last seen), their birthday, location or urgent appeals as well as supporting the needs of the police and families.

The charity partners with well known companies that really have helped to assist in some of our missing people cases resulting in people being reunited with their loved ones; they include Trainline App, The Big Issue magazine, The Royal Mail, JCDecaux digital billboards, Daily Mirror and more.

What made you want to volunteer?

I have experienced a missing loved one. Although it was only for a short period, it was one of the most stressful and emotional periods of my life. Knowing what it feels like to be in that situation, I wanted to be able to offer support to others.

Missing People provide care, comfort and assist families in the long term as well as referring people to external services, I am proud to have played a small part as a volunteer.

How has your experience been volunteering at Missing People?

It has been rewarding, fantastic and an absolute pleasure! I have really been embraced by the whole organisation – everyone is invested and passionate about their role within the charity. As much as there has been some sad moments surrounding some of the missing person cases that I have worked on, there have been some wonderful ones where a loved one has been reunited with their family and found safe and well.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering for Missing People, please see the volunteering roles we currently have available at the link below, or register your interest in volunteering if none of our current vacancies are of interest to you.

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