Volunteer’s Week 2023

Volunteer’s Week takes place every year from 1st-7th June, and is a brilliant opportunity for us to celebrate all the work our amazing volunteers do for the charity.

We spoke to two of our volunteers, Sarah and Mike, about the work they do for the charity, why they decided to volunteer, and what they enjoy about volunteering.

When did you first begin volunteering at Missing People, and what made you initially decide to support the charity?

Sarah: I have been volunteering at Missing People for 14 years now and first became aware of the charity when they featured a missing 17-year-old boy on breakfast TV. My son was the same age and I remember thinking what an unbearable situation to be in. I was working freelance from home at this point and the opportunity to work with others in the office with such a worthwhile charity was appealing.

Mike: I think I started volunteering around 2016/7. I had time available and wanted to volunteer locally, and Missing People came up when I searched.  I was not aware of the charity before that, but when I looked at the website and came in for training I found it was something I became very interested in.  The charity is very welcoming and supportive of its volunteers, right from the start, through the training and every shift.

What is your role in the organisation now?

Sarah: Since coming back into the office (which I love!) I have been working with the family support team. I have a small caseload of families who I support on an ongoing basis. I’m now involved in helping at the NEC Gardeners World event and the Summer Family Day.

Mike: I volunteer in the Services team which is the one that responds to the phone calls, texts, and emails that come in from people who are missing, thinking of going missing or are affected by others who are missing.  We try to be supportive and understanding and non-judgemental, as well as providing information that can be helpful.  That direct contact and feeling of being useful is a large part of why I volunteer here.

What makes you want to volunteer? 

Sarah: It is so humbling to talk to and be involved with the families affected by missing. They are so brave in sharing their stories with us and other families and the support they get from MP is so valued.

Mike: I like to help those who need our services.  It’s a much larger issue than I was aware of before finding the charity. I also enjoy being part of Missing People itself, the social conversations and the support from colleagues are amazing. I always feel wonderfully supported and helped when I’m on shift.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering for Missing People, please see the volunteering roles we currently have available at the link below, or register your interest in volunteering if none of our current vacancies are of interest to you.

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