Mental health – in crisis or feeling suicidal

Some people leave home or think about going missing because they are thinking about ending their life. If this is you, please look at some of the options to help you get through these critical moments.

You may be feeling very unwell in terms of your mental health, which might include wanting to harm yourself or take your own life. There are different types of support available – look through and see what you think would help you right now.

Use online resources

MIND have lots of online tools and resources that can help you get through this current  situation. This could be to help you cope, distract you or to help understand what is happening to you.

Speak to a specialist helpline

Samaritans are available 24/7 on 116 123 to talk to anyone who is feeling suicidal.

CALM is available between 5pm and midnight every day on 0800 58 58 58 as well as online.

Papyrus run HOPELINE for children and young people up to 35, open until 10pm every day on 0800 068 4141

SANEline offers emotional support for anyone going through mental health issues.

Each service also has other ways you can talk to them – click on their name for more details.

Access local mental health services

This might be a service you know already or another one that is available to you. It can be difficult to work out the best place for help, depending on how bad things are – MIND have a quick guide to different services and how to contact them.

Speak to someone you know

Is there anyone you know who can help you get through what is going on? This could be a friend, colleague or family member you trust, or a professional you have worked with.

Get help to make you safe

If you think you are going to seriously hurt yourself, or have already done something that is making you very unwell, call 999 to get help from the police or ambulance service.

Sign up to be a Digital Search Hero

We have launched a regular email so that you can be aware of new missing person appeals and share them far and wide! We are also calling on all Heroes to be the eyes and ears for Missing People on the ground. Your sighting of a missing person could make a difference in a crucial time.