Receiving a ‘TextSafe’ message

If you are reported missing, the police can ask us to send you a text message. The message will check that you’re okay, and let you know that we’re here to talk.

Why have I received this message?

It is important to know that:

  • You have received this because you have been reported as missing to the police.
  • Missing People doesn’t know your name or where you are. The only information we have from the police is your mobile number.

What happens next?

  • If you reply to the message, it will be treated confidentially. We won’t tell the police that you have been in touch unless you want us to.
  • It is free to reply to the message on your mobile.
  • We will respond to any messages within an hour or less.

The text message may have come as a surprise; we understand that. You might not want to talk to us when you get it, but remember, you can reply to us at any time.

The messages are sent using an automated system. While you are missing you may get more than one message. We can’t stop this from happening, but you shouldn’t get more than one message a day.

If you want to speak to the police about being missing, we can help you do that.


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